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Personal Trainers San Diego

Our nutritionist can help with meal prep and sticking to a diet. We have the highest exercise program success rates.

Start Today

The biggest roadblock is not starting.  Stop procrastinating.  It’s fun. Trust us.

Reason one

For every pound you want to lose you need to burn 3500 calories. If you want to lose 10 pounds.  You will need to do 70 workouts.  Average calories burned per workout is 500 calories.

Reason two

If you add diet and nutrition to a workout regimne You can cut down the number of workouts to 35.

Which sounds better 10 weeks or 5 weeks?

Reason three

Most clients set a goal of working out 5x week and eating 500 less calories per day.  It’s actually really easy if you let us help you.  No more starving.  And remember muscle weighs more than fat. You might need to lose less weight than you think/


Let us add you to our wall of success stories. But in order to do it you need to get started today.

Contact us to schedule your free evaluation session.

Don’t trust us listen to our clients

This is why we offer a full money back guarantee after the first 30 days.

“I spend a lot of time at work sitting at a desk. I couldn’t keep my weight down until I started at Elite. My weight gain was making me depressed.”

Jenny R. | Media Manager

“I have never been a healthy person. My doctor warned me to make major changes.  After a year with Elite m doctor told me at my checkup that I was in perfect health. ”

John | Computer Programming

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